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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where's David Peel?

The PoPo press releases on last night's stabbing at the Burnside Skatepark refer to the area as "the lower east side." Just what we need -- more fake New York. But the concentration of homeless and mentally ill on the streets of Portlandia does bear a certain resemblance to the Bowery, circa 1960.

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Meth-inks that fella looks seriously messed up.

As long as he rides the train and lives in a Crapartment (or under said bridge (dual purposed)) and has reusable shopping bags he can be saved by the creative class. Meth-inks you can't judge by looks alone, but by sustainable intentions. Besides, it was not a disposable knife!

where's David Peel ?

up against the wall M***** F*****!!

The answer is obvious: He Went By Streetcar (tm). On that note, I always have to think about which one is the CL line and which is the NS line. Who named these? I think those stand for "Criminal Link", and "Never Sober".

But seriously, why is the new line the "Central Loop"? The term Central (without the Eastside modifier) makes me think of Downtown, first and foremost.

CL = Clueless. NS = No Sense.

Hey, you're being a little hard on the guy. He has a golden future with Royal Doulton posing for Toby Jugs if he ever moves to the UK.

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