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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's the deal with the Oregon Health Authority?

An alert reader called our attention to two stories on the front page of the Metro "section" of the O on Friday. He points out that neither story connects the dots:

Whistleblower lawsuit seeks $6.7 million from Oregon Health Authority

Oregon Health Authority director influenced forecast, contributing to $141 million surplus, state audit finds

It sure seems like something's not quite right in that agency. There are too many questions about money. If only there were some journalists around who wanted to pursue them, we might get answers.

Comments (4)

Looks like a whole lot of empire-building going on, and cheating to do it. Bad enough when it's done without the cheating.

And I believe Gail Shibley, Char-Lies chief of staff, spent the past nine years there. Escaping OHA, or more of the same with Hales?

Have always had a gut feeling that Bruce Goldberg looks out only for Bruce Goldberg. If memory serves, he's "finessed" more than a few suspect DHS/child abuse kerfuffles...now same seems to be taking place at OHA. Suggested to the O long ago that they put him under a microscope...as usual, they still lack this piece of investigative lab equipment.

Just sayin'

and Yes, after lunch with a state employee, indeed Bruce Goldberg is in deep doo doo. All the studies he uses were compiled from false or concocted data of his own direction... and that these studies were proven biased and unsupported... the problem is, Goldberg continued to use the defunct studies and the Whistle Blower kept saying that the Studies were defunct... fired.

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