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Sunday, February 10, 2013

UC Nike's in-house blog burning through $107K a year

More flackdom, more expense, to tell you how wonderful everything is -- as ferreted out by the unflappable UO Matters.

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In case there's any confusion, UO Matters is the *unofficial* UO blog, funded entirely by donations of single malt from grateful readers. Preferably Laphroaig. AroundtheO is the official blog, which sucks up $107K in tuition money.

What's the basis for the $100k in salary figure? I don't see it referenced in the post.

As a UofO alum, I am glad I didn't pay for my kids to attend the school. So much of what I see coming from Eugene is ultra progressive social dogma and not worth of the public's support for academics. Whatever the cost, the university has degraded the concept of critical thinking.

Depends what you study. We've got an excellent economics department.

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