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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The next level

The checkout gal at this place told us to put some of this stuff on one of these. And so we did. Divine.

Now the Mrs. is after us for alerting the world to the secret, which may make the goods hard to find. "Don't worry," we told her. "I know a guy."

Comments (5)

:-) that was alot of work...clever.

I'll take you at your word that it's good, but way too many carbs for me. Not the salsa, the other.

I bet you could dollop that (generously) with sour cream and maybe even guacamole.

I have to be careful, or else I'll follow in the tradition of Sid Vicious: running around without a shirt, with "GIMME A SALSA FIX" carved into my chest.

Jack , thought everyone knew that you can put salsa (at least good salsa) on anything as long as it doesn't run to fast and make it taste good! Must be a Texas thing.

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