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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Suzanne takes you down

The Oregon Republican Party has a new chair. That group is in tatters, although the Clackistani rebels have made things interesting. Can she revive the party? It's hard to see how. Maybe if they put a bird on it.

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The Republicans will never wrest back their previous power in Oregon or nationally until they stop listening to Rush and Mini-Rush (Lars Larson) types and find some candidates who don't suck.

I read an analysis yesterday of the Obamacare/birth control/religion issue and I bought it: Obama really blundered and could have been vulnerable on it until the wholesome looking young lady, Sandra Fluke, testified and Rush called her a slut. Translation: Rush turned the whole thing back on the GOP and helped get Obama reelected.

I still can't over what just happened. After 4 years of incessant complaining about how bad Obama was, the GOP runs Mitt Romney? A leveraged buyout specialist whose main talent seems to be stashing the money in various countries around the world? Give me a break. That's like putting Kimmel up against Jay Leno. Kimmel's done nothing but rag on Jay for years, so at least follow it up with some better numbers when you get your chance. Either that or shut the hell up and figure out what you're doing wrong. Why people don't like you more.

The GOP needs some serious reflection but everything sounds stupid incuding this new chair's idea for target marketing. Target marketing? That's the fix? I hear national GOP leaders talk about the depth on their bench. Who are they kidding? The Blazers have a better bench - especially after last night.

Because of my banquet years I got to know all the Oregon politicians from the late 70s on. One of the most likable, high-quality people I met at the hotel was Governor Victor Atiyeh - a Republican. Meanwhile, I'd rather have Victor Claver running for office than these GOP candidates now.

Compared to the tone of today's Republican Party - this stampede of idiots and creeps - Victor Atiyeh seems like he was from another planet.

Never fear, Bill. With their penchant for raising taxes and resisting PERS reform, the Democrats stand a good chance of having governance taken away from them in Oregon, no matter how distasteful the alternative.

History is your friend.

After the wins by the Democratic Party in 2008 at the national level, most pundits proudly proclaimed that the Republicans would never have a majority again in Congress.

Then came the 2010 elections, a short 2 years later.

Bill does have a point, though. Lack of a broad, inclusive strategy has hurt the "R" brand. The Rs cannot count on continued bumbling by the other guys.

There are smart people on both sides, but unfortunately, winning the middle ground is what it is all about. This middle doesn't watch cable news, doesn't read newspapers or topical magazines. The entertainment industry holds more sway.

Lack of jobs and income reduction via more taxes or other payroll takings will get people's attention. The party that truy addresses those issues stands a better chance of winning future elections.

The Republican "comeback story" seems to be to attract the Latino vote. They figure, Reagan gave them amnesty and it created a huge workforce willing to work for peanuts AND largely nonunion. So they are going to revisit it for 2016.

Of course, that particular group of people likes to also accept those government benefits the Republicans don't like much of, so in 2020 they'll get an ass-whipping, or they'll be forced to accept those entitlement progrms and cut something else...hmmm, what else is there to cut...

Nice Leonard Cohen reference.

"With their penchant for raising taxes and resisting PERS reform, the Democrats stand a good chance of having governance taken away from them in Oregon, no matter how distasteful the alternative."

Your lips to God's ears, Allan. I would not bet a plug nickel on it.

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