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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl fiasco!

They put a happy face on New Orleans these days, but it's still a mess. A power outage stopping the Super Bowl for a prolonged period is a sad reflection on the whole country. There will likely be some interesting work for some lawyers in the morning.

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The last sentence in your paragraph is truly the sad reflection on the whole country.

why lawyer action? Things happen.

Hear, hear to that! Why is it that every time something doesn't go as planned, lawyers have to get involved?

If there's lawyer action, it should be about SF calling three same plays in the right corner. Let KaperSnack improvise. Was Chip calling this game?

The folks who paid megabucks for ads that wound up running at 11:45 p.m. on the east coast will probably make some calls.

10:45pm...still in prime time. They will probably work something out for next year.

Megabuck ad buys are in the first half.... What was Shakespeares quote regarding lawyers in King Henry VI again ???

Given how ticked off people in New Orleans are at the NFL I wonder if that was an accident

As one of the few who voted for the Ravens in the online poll, I'm feeling pretty good 'bout now.

I'm no prude but does anyone besides me think Beyonce's pelvic thrusting, booty rumpin, intentional skirt strippin was even more inappropriate for family viewing than Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"?

She asked, "Do I think I can handle THAT"? Too late... but Beyonce's parents had their chance.

Quite the role model for 12 year old girls.

Bey has been doing all that stuff for years?
12 year old girls see worse on youtube every day.
Where you been?

And I just saw a Carl's Jr ad for a fish sandwich that would make a sailor blush!

I honestly don’t know why anyone would complain about a perfectly timed blackout? We were able to clean all the halftime dishes and not miss a thing!

Can't believe SOMEBODY wasn't standing by at CBS in New York to provide commentary when the power went out. Dead air at the Super Bowl? That'll be a wager at Vegas next year.

10:45pm...still in prime time.

Okay, but still, on a Sunday night.

NW Portlander, me too! I couldn't believe how lopsided the voting was. We knew the Ravens had the emotional edge.
Ravens are aging, 49ers are young, they'll get their turn.
Fun stat: Flacco tied Montana and beat Steve Young (both 49ers!!) for most TD's without an interception in a single post season. So sweet against the 49ers. LOVE for Flacco.

I love sporting events. The dead air yesterday was a welcome, if short lived, relief. I wish Vin Scully could be rejuvenated and become a forty year old football announcer.

"....does anyone besides me ...."

Yep. May as well howl in the wind. The medium is the message. Did someone already say that?

"What was Shakespeares quote regarding lawyers in King Henry VI again ???"

For a very different view, read it in context.

That 34 minute power outage was the end of American Exceptionalism.

How third world.

Maybe America needed this self-inflicted bitch slap so that we can re-focus on the
truly important things (bridges, infrastructure) and stop diverting most of our money to advertising and high-tech entertainment.

ltjd -- the level of dirty dancing permitted on TV has really changed in the last ten years. Elvis Presley was the first to bring bump n'grind to the white masses. Beyonce is his spiritual heir. I do miss Tina Turner in her prime- she was more raw. Allowed to be herself. But dang, the precision & choreography of Beyonce's dancers was flippin' impressive. Try that, China.

My straight up bet for the Ravens to win paid off! It was especially gratifying given the huge amount of local support for Kaepernick, who played his college football here at U. of Nevada, and all the jump on the bandwagon 49er fans.
But that power outage has to be a huge embarassment for New Orleans; and it will likely be years before a Super Bowl goes there again.

This is why Saints fans in New Orleans say, "Who dat?" The power goes off and they can't see.

Dave A., don't you think the power outage reflects badly on the US as a whole?

We can bomb people, but we can't pull together as a country to help fix New Orleans. Maybe we should undo the Lousiana Purchase and let France take care of New Orleans. They love the place.

A 34-minute power outage in one city reflects badly on the entire US? Other cities have had major power outages longer, yes? Should we give New York back to Holland or the Native American tribes?

Comparing Beyonce to Tina Turner, now that's an outrage. In fact Beyonce looks like a rubber doll manufactured in China for the Glamazon line. Tina wasn't just raw, she was real. Even or especially her unearthly legs were real.

"Dirty dancing" on TV was set at its current level starting with Madonna. They are all her children, even the ones she likes to pretend are her sisters.

Anyone that has traveled in the third world has witnessed the frequent future power outages we should all expect as our leadership dictates all aspects of energy production, distribution and usage.

Any "planned economy" can expect government "planners" to overestimate production and underestimate contingencies and costs. It has been well demonstrated by every socialist government and not only in energy, but transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and medicine.

Central planning and "leveling the playing field" is what we have voted for. We should not be shocked when that's what we get.

We've asked for "Green Energy", what we will get will be slightly different.


Mercedes-Benz must be thrilled with this expensive associated image of unreliable power.

Lawyer Blog: http://savejersey.com/2013/02/green-energy-super-bowl-power-outage/

Dept of Energy website: http://energy.gov/articles/super-bowl-city-leads-energy-efficient-forefront

I heard someone suggest, seriously, that the halftime performance might have blown out the electrical grid. Possible??

I'm pretty sure this explains it. From the US Department of Energy website:

"While the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers compete to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy this weekend, eco-friendly fans and city leaders in New Orleans are competing to maximize sustainability practices to the fullest. "

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