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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sugar, sugar

Our correspondent to the south reports that the front page of the travel section of Sunday's L.A. Times sang the praises of the bakeries of Portlandia.

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The description of the City's leadership was pretty good. Or was that the weather??

I'll sing a song to the bakeries of Portland.

For bread, that is. Not much of a pastry lover.

I haven't had a decent slice of bread since I left Portland for the Midwest in 2009. Pastry loaded with sugar? They do just fine here.

If I knew how to bake bread, I could make a lot of money out here. Panera, a chain, is the best we've got. And by Portland standards, it's pretty mediocre.

They missed a couple.

Not a bad list -- I'm fond of Little T's. IMHO they missed a gem in St. John's:


Oh my Goodness, it's unreal.

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