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Friday, February 8, 2013

Special Report: The Blizzard of '13

It's been a mild winter here in Portlandia, and we doubt that there'll be any snow locally now that we've made it to Mardi Gras weekend, but that isn't going to stop us from providing you, our reader, with the live team coverage you need of the East Coast blizzard. There is going to be a blizzard on the East Coast later today, and that means dangerous conditions back there. To tell you what this weather emergency means to you, we're going to send you out to Portland Airport, where our reporter, Bob Brenner, is standing by with the latest. Bob?

Thanks, Jack. Out here at PDX it's chaos as dozens of flights to cities in the northeast have been cancelled. Just look at these departure monitors showing cancelled flights. These flights are all cancelled. One after another on the board. Newark, Philadelphia, Boston -- here's one to Reno that's going to be delayed. And since the flights are cancelled, that means hundreds of travelers are going nowhere. We talked to one of them, Jennifer Anderson, earlier this morning.

So, where are you supposed to be flying to?

My boyfriend and I are supposed to go to Boston to meet his parents.

And you can't get there?

They just told us our flight is cancelled and we probably won't get out until Monday.

So what are you going to do?

We'll probably go back to his place and make some chili. His roommate was supposed to have the apartment all to himself, so that might be a little awkward. We also have to get my dogs from my friend's house.

That was Jennifer. Her flight was cancelled. Now, not only are outgoing flights cancelled, but so are many inbound flights from the east coast that are supposed to arrive in Portland tonight. Just look at these arrival monitors showing cancelled flights. These flights are all cancelled. Again, one after another on the board. New York, Boston, Chicago -- all cancelled. And so if you have plans to come out to the airport to pick someone up tonight, you might want to check with the airlines ahead of time, because when a flight is cancelled, that often means it won't be arriving.

We talked to Tri-Met and they tell us that the MAX train to the airport will be running on a winter weather alert schedule beginning at 4:00 this afternoon. They advise people to give themselves plenty of extra time if they are coming out to the airport, even if it's only to pick up some luggage.

So that's the scene from the airport. We'll keep you up to date. Jack, back to you.

Thank you, Bob. Now we're going to take you to StormCenter 9000.2, where meteorologist Erin Barrimore has been tracking this storm. Erin?

Jack, it's actually two storms, one from the west and one from the south, and they're going to merge just outside of Wilmington, Delaware right around happy hour this afternoon, and then they're expected to go roaring through New York City, out Long Island, up to Boston, and into Portland, Maine. Just look at these accumulation totals we're expecting. Up to a foot of snow in the Big Apple, two feet of snow in Boston, and possibly more flooding in the areas hit by Hurricane Sandy.

We're expecting the snow to stop sometime between tomorrow and Monday, and then there'll be the long process of digging out from under snow, ice, and slush. Because it will be below freezing, the snow won't be melting until after temperatures rise, which they will eventually. Back to you at Blog Central.

Thank you, Erin. Now we're going to send you out to the Sylvan overpass, where bojack.org StormCenter 9000.2's Nick Preston has the latest on road conditions. Nick?

Jack, here on the Sylvan overpass, we're looking down on Highway 26, and you can see that it's a little foggy this morning, and so police are advising motorists to exercise caution, especially if they're driving out to the airport. It's a little foggy out at the airport, too, and many flights are cancelled because of the bad weather back east.

Also, if you're going to be driving in New York City tonight, you're urged to use extreme caution, as the roads are going to be slippery. If you're staying in a hotel along the New Jersey Turnpike, be sure to have a flashlight, and an emergency kit with three days of food and water. Also, be sure to go to a liquor store before they all close. And if you are going to be in Boston, turn on your faucet and let it drip rather than having it shut off entirely so that your pipes don't freeze. Back to you, Jack.

Thanks, Nick. Stay tuned to bojack.org StormCenter 9000.2 all weekend as we continue our team coverage of the East Coast Blizzard of 2013.

Comments (15)

Looking forward to pictures of Deval Patrick mouth kissing Obama to get FEMA aid to fund paying off five years of accumulated political debt.

Where's the exclusive interview with Al Gore.

We tried getting Al on the blog, but his people said he already did one interview with a Portland radio guy this week, and that was enough to release his second chakra.

It is winter in the northern hemisphere.
In the winter months one can expect cold weather, snow and ice at times.
I don't get all the hype, except that the 24/7 news cycle must have something to prattle on about.
Now if it starts to snow in July in NYC, that would be news worthy!

I'm no "Star Trek" fan, but didn't I hear the theme to the old episode "The Doomsday Machine" in the background? (That might as well be our theme score during tornado season.)

I'll have to say, the "winter" weather this year was a complete dud.


So being the Assignment Editor for the "o" isn't enough for you, Jack?

Now you have to write the scripts for both KGW News Channel 8 AND Good Morning America?

But it looks like you missed the memo from corporate. ALL news and weather forecasts "shall" include at least ONE (preferably several) references to the new network mini series or failing entertainment program.

Mentioning only weather during a weather report is so... 2011. When you get eyeballs, we must strive to promote. Next time figure out how to mention Grimm, Glee or SNL. If needed, the network has promised the stars of these programs to appear as a guest on your news program.

What can be better than a "Weather Blutbad" giving the weather report in character?

And of course, there will be no weather in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia because storms all end at the US border...

Cheers, It's Mike

Flat hilarious. Somebody would pay for that if they could afford you.

What, no exclamation points?

The weather.com warning yesterday had quite a few. Left me breathless!

While the above is great fun, this could be an historic event. Boston's record for snowfall from one event is about 27 inches - forecast indicates over three feet of snow is possible, and there are also expected to be winds in the 60-70 mph range. While our winter has been exceedingly dull, the NE US is about to get truly hammered. As a weather geek, this storm is worth watching.

Don't count your chickens just yet, Jack. It snowed on March 2nd in 1989. (I know because we brought our first baby home from the hospital that day.) And three years earlier, it snowed the last week of Feb. (I know because we got married a few days later.)
When I was 7, it snowed on Valentine's day. We went sledding.
Seems like it used to snow more often with greater accumulations....

Last year we 4-5 inches of snow down here in Eugene March 28th I believe.

I was in the '78 Boston snowdump and I barely noticed. Unhampered travel and unharmed community. There was less fear infected in people then ... before Bush Jughead ... before Bush Sinister for that matter. The region and its weather is still the same, only the people are sicker in despotism. I wonder how that happened . . .

Kind of late, but my daughter thought this video clip was right for the topic!

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