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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sandy Boulevard street project: All it is are bike lanes

Our post of yesterday questioning the status of the repaving of Sandy Boulevard east of 122nd Avenue brought the usual knowledgeable response from our readers. As it turns out, drivers are not getting any extra lanes -- there'll still be only two for motorists -- but now there'll be two lovely bike lanes for the people on the margins who want to ride their two-wheeler in that area. There's also a new sidewalk, which is already functional, and we applaud that. But now that we know what the street changes were, we're a little embarrassed to say we could care less if they ever get opened.

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“In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.” --Voltaire (1764) The drivers pay so the slacker bicyclists can freeload proving the government can also actively practice the art of discrimination.

we're a little embarrassed to say we could care less

Well, that's a start.

The part of town that stretch of road passes through is about as likely to attract cyclists as SE Holgate between 82nd and 136th.

I slightly disagree with Mr. Grumpy. I think it'll get *some* cycling use. The big improvement for this project is the sidewalk. Huge. That stretch was nothing but giant muddy lakes for 9 months of the year.

Hey Grupmy, if the bike lane on Holgate actually connected to 82nd, they might have had something worth riding on. As it is, it dies a premature at 94th.

Before I get jumped on, I'm a bike rider. But how many times will some bike advocates claim that the Sandy improvement is all for cars, and that little money is ever spent for bikes. And then make the same claim for all the other similar projects around town?

Well, that's a start.

Spoken like a true bike loon.

The road already had bike lanes... well actually they were pretty wide shoulders that could double as a bike lane (rarely did anyone park there). I used that stretch to commute from 08' to last year and never seen anyone on a bike that didn't have several bags of cans attached. The pedestrian traffic through there is pretty low too, not sure why they need wide sidewalks and crosswalks (the other side of the street is a train track). Cars use it though... lots of them.

So, you can care less? I don't get it.

At least nobody's talking about turning the Union Pacific's Kenton Line into a new MAX line to "spur development" and create a "livable, vibrant" Parkrose community that is "walkable" and "green".

Have I forgotten any $20 buzzwords? Oh, "eco-"something a rather...

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