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Friday, February 8, 2013

Rim shot waiting to happen

Here's the setup:

A Bend woman accidentally shot her husband when her Derringer fell out of her pocket, hit the floor and fired.... He was taken to St. Charles-Bend hospital in serious condition....

KTVZ reports it happened Thursday at a McDonald's restaurant, and about 15 other customers who were inside at the time were startled by the gunfire.

And the punchline?

Comments (22)

The McGun is back!

"I'm lovin' it!"

"You deserve a Top-Break today"

You deserve a shot today!

The bullet missed. He was dropped by the 130 grams of fat in his Big Mac.

Bullet McNuggets?

That's what she said.

You tell me you're taking me out to dinner and this is where you take me?!

Would you like us to Supersize that pistol, Ma'am?

I thought a Derringer used center-fire bullets.

McDonald's.... if the guns don't kill you, the food will.

The Derringer Happy Meal!

Seriously though, poor choice of concealed carry. Most any modern firearm (Derringer or otherwise) cannot be discharged when dropped. This is probably a relic that the owner should have never been carrying in public (or anywhere else) to begin with.

We're all so much safer when the "good" guys are armed.

It does add a new dimension to the NRA argument that guns don't kill/injure people, people do.
However, accidental shootings are not uncommon: a guy accidentally shot his wife while dining in a suburban Kansas City restaurant a week or so ago; luckily, she was not seriously hurt, but I'm pretty sure expensive jewelry will be part of the apology. It was permitted concealed carry and I think the gun was in his pocket.
Now this. Accidents happen; good people are fallible. But accidents with guns are also potentially deadly.
I have no trouble with the Second Amendment. Half of my family are very responsible gun owners: Hunters and farmers (the latter who need the occasional rifle to take care of feral animals threatening livestock and young children playing in the homestead yard). The other half are committed non-gun owners. All the gun owners keep firearms in very formidable locked gun vaults and ammunition in a separate place, as recommended. Nobody does conceal and carry and everybody has gotten their safe-hunting certification.
I do have problems with making it easy for mentally ill people and so-called normal people who are just idiots to circumvent gun laws and background checks.
I'm a law-abiding citizen; if I wanted to buy a gun, I could easily pass a background check. I just don't choose to exercise that right. But I like having it available and don't mind the hoops I'd have to jump through before any future revolution. I'm actually much more concerned about the personal privacy rights TSA violates every time I fly.
As usual, I stand firmly in the "protect our rights but use common sense when doing so" camp. That camp is sadly understaffed in today's USA.

"When you said you were gonna take me out, well, I thought you meant to dinner!"

Guns don't shoot people, floors shoot people.

Gravity. Ain't it a b***h?

Sorry honey! (You gonna eat those fries?)

(Toward him apparently) she leaned forward, the gun discharged, and the bullet hit him in the abdomen. hmmm...
Maybe some type of piezosilicon effect?

But seriously folks, for a second, an offering -- EXCLUSIVE! -- my 2¢ ante in the pot talk o' gun; there's a lot of it going around. If someone would just write an app for that then Congress could megaditto make it Law, and move on, next issue.
So people say, 'measure the mental illness of gun gonna-be-buyers, and regulate that.' TV shows seem to converge on promoting that point - the mental mindset in pursuit of warm gun happiness.
So my 2¢ is, Empirical data show proof that TV today causes mental illness. TV causes mental illness perhaps severe enough, ('mental austerity'?), to fail gun-eligible 'background checking'. Insidious.

Oh, quip. The golden arches over the pearly-handled gates.

I hope it didn't hit him in the McNuggets.

The next wave ashore brought a bottle with this message in it matched to my comment: This could be the coincidence of industry, society, and psychology: a particular job happens to suit those with a given [mental] illness, allowing them a productive place in the world.

The man suffered a serious injury to his stomach - but enough about the Hot Apple Pie. Let's talk about the bullet.

There ya go.

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