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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Right on schedule

Gun control fever is subsiding in Salem. As it will soon be in D.C. Wash., if it isn't already. Until the next massacre, the next uproar, the next set of politician grandstanding moves, and the next gradual fade into nothing. We tuned out the most recent hubbub for good reason. Paying attention to it is a waste of time.

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Except, of course, for when those guns get too close to the legislators. Then it's full steam ahead!

However, Burdick and Prozanski said they are adding another item to their gun-control agenda: a bill that would largely prohibit people from bringing guns into the Capitol.

Grandstanding? Grandstanding? Would our, or any other legislators grandstand? Only if given the chance, or making the chance.

At last. I visited my local Freddies today for some ammo and the shelves looked as though they had been looted. Geez, it's hard to compete with those preparing for the end of the world when all you want to do is kill a few targets.

Burdick and Prosanski were simply informed that themselves and other like-minded legislators would likely be out of a job if they ran again.

How courageous of them. They'll keep the maniacs with AR-15s out of the Capitol to protect themselves but forget about the rest of us.

Another of many diversions to the real problem of spending.

When you have to walk away from your house because you cant afford the taxes you will understand the diversions.

Give them sports,porn and weed at no charge if thats what it takes.

The 2A wackos may not have ever read Mao, but they follow his observation:

"....Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

The attack at the Clackamas Town Center happend about 6 pm. By 9 the next morning Ginny Burdick's bill was filed and had a cosponsor. For her it wasn't a tragedy, it was a marketing opportunity.

x-portlander, I assure you that 2A proponents are quite familiar with this particular Saying of Chairman Mao. You only have the cause and effect reversed.

It is precisely because of the continued existence of such authoritarian mindsets that it remains necessary for the people to provide a check against runaway governments.

Parity is what the Founders wanted.

The legislators have more police protection than our children in schools, fancy that...

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