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Friday, February 8, 2013

Portland food slop to be trucked all the way to Crescent

When the clowns in the Sam Rand administration at Portland City Hall wrecked the city's garbage pickup system, one of the supposed environmental benefits was that Portlanders' food slop would be carted shorter distances -- only out to the growing stenchpile of North Plains rather than all the way to Arlington. But now it turns out that the slop is going to be trucked all the way to Crescent, Oregon, which is halfway between Bend and Klamath Falls. How "green" is that?

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That 400 mile round tripper can't be too gentle on Portlandia's carbon foot print. How will that be offset? Force us to burn more ethanol on this side of the mountains?

That incinerator is looking better and better.

Golly - the SamRand Twins lied. How extraordinary.


Oh everything will be just fine....the carbon foot print will be exchanged and reduced by the growing of canola (thank you Monsanto) for fuel.
That will probably ruin a lot of organic broccoli farming....but canola is needed....blah blah blah...

That was a riot! Thanks for a good laugh on a Friday afternoon.

It will be a dry stink.

The canola issue?
Was this voted on?
If so, who voted for this?
Is there anything else they want to mess up?
Unfortunately, yes!!

Highway 58 through Oakridge and the NEWLY ENLARGED tunnel towards Willamette Pass?

What could POSSIBLY go wrong on that steep, winding, mountain pass (with NO POSSIBLE detour) road?


I'm waiting for Mayor Hales to take up the garbage issue. He owes the voters to re-examine the issue with concern about the carbon footprint, the transfer of burden of any program onto other jurisdictions, the economics, and what the citizens of Portland really want without the SamRand hype. The hype that is instituted by 59 combined staff members and their incessant use of phone logs, emails, tweets, etc. to make it appear their viewpoint is the majority. Prove it with a vote.

X Portlander -

The sad thing is that its not solely a Sam Rand issue.

Is the bleeding inexperienced mono maniacs / idiot children who have been hired into so many city bureaus.

Fools. Fools. Fools.

And they are still there.....making decisions and generating "...data..." daily o support the insanities already foisted upon us.

Good points.
What is the history here? Why the change from Arlington?
It seems with conservation, more recycling there would be less garbage, wonder what is really behind this?
I read that football size dug deep places held lots of garbage and away from where people live, so do these "eco" ones think that bringing the stench into residential areas is an improvement?
Be careful of this eco district push? We may be having garbage stored and "re" whatever within each eco district in our city, . . . what does livability without stench mean to some, when the new way is about all for the planet, right? or is it all about the money trumping our livability? These "garbage within our neighborhood storage pushers" ought to made to live next door to the stench!

Fools can be fooled by words.
Take them, that would be everyone who promoted this North Plains idea, on a bus tour, drop them off at a park near by with boxed lunches and pick them up at the end of the day and see how they like it.
Maybe some reality will sink in.

Better yet make them pitch tents for a sleepover!

Meanwhile, Metro sends 60 trucks a day - each way - from Portland to Arlington. Seattle, on the other hand, sends one train every couple days to Roosevelt.

When Multnomah decided to hack garbage pickup to bi-weekly, that was the final nail in our decision to move from Portland. I can't imagine the delightful twisted news stories that will continue to trickle out of Portland via Jack's blog and other various sources. Portland is a parody of itself. Everyone who thinks it's the happenin' city are many of the same folks who act as if Portlandia is actually broadcast on television and Portland is becaoming "famous". Hey Portland, I have news for you, other cities laugh at your arrogance and delusion. I don't miss dealing with Portland business either. Absolute hacks. Worst overpriced food and art "scene" I've ever witnessed.

More to the point, maybe some reality will stink in!

Maybe the City should require the use of electric garbage trucks powered by Dreamliner batteries to haul the slop

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