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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope is resigning!

It's his health, he says. Given the way the organization operates, one has to wonder whether that's the real reason. Let's hope nobody dies during the succession process.

Line of the day so far: "I guess he couldn't handle Twitter."

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Kudos to Pope Benedict for knowing when to say when, and resiging before he could no longer effectivly due his job. I can think of a few US Senators that would profit by his example.

Speaking as someone who came very close to becoming an ordained priest, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. In particular, it's hard not to see that he had other reasons to leave, and that this is going to make other Catholics question not their faith, but the leadership of the Church. I'd like to believe that this might lead to a serious re-evaluation of that current leadership and a subsequent rejuvenation of the Church that brings back many who left because of Papa Ratzi's policies and attitudes back from when he was a cardinal. Myself included. However, since I'm making wishes that I know won't happen, I'd like to believe that I'll wake up tomorrow to find an operational Green Lantern ring under my pillow, too.

Is he under PERS?

Well said Pom Mom. Some people here need to realize that this isn't 'conspiracy theory thursday' just because someone is retiring.....

AM comment on Twitter: "WOW, I did Nazi this coming..."

Pope Benedict XVI's book Jesus of Nazareth has given me an understanding of Christianity. I like him a lot and wish him well.

He is 85 years old. It is not as if he is pulling a Palin. Then again if he goes to work for FOX.......?

Isn't the Pope chosen as God's instrument on Earth by the conclave? Is that a gig that you can resign from?

How do you give God two weeks notice?

I guess I need to brush up on Catholicism in general.

Maybe Gov. Kuloongoonski hooked him up with a gig for number two at Reed?

Okay, that was cold and uncalled for I apologize.

I guess poor health sounded better than "leaving to pursue other interests" or "to spend more time with his family."

Calling Bill McDonald!

Popes don't resign. There's something very irregular going on here. You can believe what he tells you, though, just as you are taught to believe that he is infallible.

When I was an altar boy we were standing just off stage and the priest was going over what to do. By the way, it was offstage as our masses in my hometown in Arabia were held in the movie theater with the altar set up in front of a red curtain. Behind the curtain was the movie screen. I looked out at the stage in an attempt to visualize what he was saying, and thinking I wasn't paying attention, he hit me on top of the head with a fist that had a ring on it.
It's led to a lifetime of distrusting authority figures so I guess I should thank him. Then again, I sometimes wish I had fought back then and there. maybe I'd be a better person.

Oh well, I guess we all know it could have been worse. As Marty the steward at the hotel I worked at said one time: "Yeah, I was an altar boy. Thank God I was an ugly kid."

This pope had his detractors. Some felt getting a religious leader who had been in the Hitler youth sent a bad signal. Then there were the persistent reports that he participated in the coverup of child abuse. I looked in to it one time, but I don't get in debates with religious types. This does come shortly after the LA guy was yanked from public view. Maybe there is something more than the health.

All I can do is try and make a few bucks off it with the jokes. One thing's for sure: Some Cardinal is going to get a big promotion. The biggest since Albert Pujols left St.Louis.

Apparently he's taking lent seriously.

Too pooped to Pope?

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