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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PDC needs new "urban renewal" district to meet payroll

What a fiasco. Mayor Hales, if you won't shut the Portland Development Commission down entirely, would you at least cut it 15% a year for four years? Please? It's doing nothing but sucking the life out of the city's budget.

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Also, dump Eastside street car operations and maintenance on them. It's a development tool, amirite?

Sounds more like a stinking pile of crap to me. So, the PDC now declares areas "blighted" and in need of tax-funded development just to keep themselves collecting paychecks?

If Portland doesn't get outraged about this latest insult, surely it's people must either be blind or lobotomized.

Never mind.
"Broke, stoned, and on a bike" says it all. No wonder foxes are running the whole farm.

PDC has PLENTY of money to give Ryan Saari $ 50,000 (see Willy Week Jan 20 & Jack's Blog Jan 21) to start a "non-profit" brew pub at the same location of previous ventures at 700 NE Dekum.

Google map: Oregon NORML/Canabis Cafe/ Portland North Foursquare Church/ Oregon Public House/Village Ballroom/Oregon Community/ ... maybe more.

Deny that tiny $ 50k, and who knows what might happen?

Above Willamette Week reference should read: Jan 30, 2013 "Strange Brew": http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-20208-strange_brew.html

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