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Thursday, February 21, 2013

OMG, Steve Blake?

He's on the selling (or giveaway) block. And Portland is thin at point guard. If Nate were here, you know he'd be back. Even now... But what a step backward that would be.

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Here's a personal observation that I think sums up the Blazers this season:
The All-Star game is generally free of defense. For example, this year the West won by a score of 143 to 138. They had one quarter where they scored 39; another where they scored 38. The East had 2 quarters where they scored 39.

When the Blazers played Minnesota on the road recently, the Timberwolves lost. They are decimated by injuries and Ricky Rubio was still just getting back into form.
And yet in the 4th quarter of that game the Timberwolves scored 40 points on the Blazers, more than either All-Star team scored in one quarter of a game famous for no defense.

I have concluded that - as much as I like the Blazers - they are not very good. They are chasing Houston for the playoffs? Have you seen Houston with Harden and Lin? it would be wrong for Houston to miss the playoffs. They just beat Oklahoma.

The Blazers season feels like it's over, but worse than that, it feels like it deserves to be over. I'll still watch though. Go Blazers. Beat L.A. Friday.

The Blazers aren't very good. And they are going backward.

This is the first season where I find myself hoping they tank the season and get a good lottery pick.

Point guard? I think I'd roll the dice on Lillard taking high minutes and spend money on some front court defense.

Its not L-A's strong suit and I read the paper and they say Hixson has trade value? If they let Hixson go, then what do they have as an inside stopper besides some rookies?

At age 33 isn't Steve a little past his expiration date in the NBA?

Maybe the Blazers should hire that little kid who plays point guard for his high school?

Given the organizational chaos and what's effectively a six-player roster, I'm giving the club and the coach a lot of credit for maintaining the illusion of playoff-worthiness to this point.
I like Steve Blake, but this is a time to think long-term

There's nothing not to like about Blake, but there is no way the Blazers are going to take on his $4 million contract for next season, and he does not add much for the long term. I can't figure out why the Blazers defense is so bad. You wouldn't expect it from the quality of the players. But teams just shoot well against them and get far too many points in the paint. I guess with the shallow roster, they just can't afford the foul risk of being too aggressive early, and that's generally when they lose their games.

Amazing how quick people are giving up on a young team. Short term thinking makes "rebuilding" mean...get better in two weeks or else we all throw in the towel. They are young, they are fun and they are doing better than most thought at beginning of year. We got a steal in Lillard and the rest of the guys are not bad. New coach, new crew. We could be LA, instead of just talking like Laker fans. And at least we are not the Jail Blazes.

Did you see that otter at the zoo shooting hoops? You know it's bad when an otter at the zoo is better than your bench.


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