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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh, the inconvenience

Good heaven, whatever could they be thinking? If the post office stops delivering mail on Saturday, Oregonians might have a couple fewer days to fill out their ballots in the state's goofy vote-by-snail-mail system. This is going to be especially hard on that one person in the household who fills out the ballots for two, three, or more people to sign. And the poor dead voters -- do you know how long it takes for a cadaver to make up its mind among several equally worthless candidates? If this goes through, everything is going to grind to a halt.

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...and if this keeps up there are going to be a lot of very mean dogs out there looking for someone else to bite.

we can only hope....

Not to worry, you can still put your ballot into a box, as packages will still be delivered on Saturdays.

Still boggles the mind that our postal service never considered setting up an email service or bill-paying service years ago.

Their recent "flat-rate" boxes and "forever" stamps are about the only good ideas in recent memory.

Please quit beating on the Post Office, Jack. You're
only helping the forces of darkness.

The R's have been downpressing the USPS just like they have Amtrak. Wise up, people.

This should have happened at least three years ago when the USPS started seriously bleeding red ink. Frankly, we won't miss an extra day of useless newspaper ad inserts, credit card offers or charity pitches.
And while we used to get excellent mail service in Portland, it's just plain horrible here in the Reno area. Not only do we get mail as late as 5:15-5:30 in the afternoons; but it often takes 10 or more days to get mail from family in Portland/Vancouver.

The R's have been downpressing the USPS

To think, I thought Al Gore invented the Internet.

If we have to get rid of a day, I vote for Tuesday which is when carriers are forced to delivery "advos" - the USPS's term for standard junk mail. But then they'd just move it to another day.

University Station PO closing in downtown Portland has seriously inconvenienced a lot of downtown businesses and is burdening the other stations. That station covered a lot of ground in the downtown area and the west hills. It used to cover a great deal of Multnomah as well, before the (not so new now) Multnomah Station was opened.

Worse is to come when Hoyt finally closes so that more condos can be built and moves its operations to the airport. That will leave one PO downtown on SW Pine and a bunch of drop boxes scattered around town which fill up quickly (I know, I have to drop prepaid parcels in them and sometimes have to visit 3 or 4 different drops when they fill up. Someone is supposed to empty them at 1:15 every weekday but I know that wasn't happening on time BEFORE University Station closed and likely it's not happening now.

Today I stood next to an elderly lady on the streetcar. University Station used to be "her" post office and now she's unsure about where to go for a PO box or to take her overseas packages to be weighed and metered (can't drop those in a drop box). Several other riders and I helped her with directions to Pine and to Hoyt but the streetcar really doesn't go very close to either one of them. We barely saved her from accidentally ending up at OMSI. I hope she got her package off OK.

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