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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nurse Amanda's solution to everything: more bureaucracy

Office of equity, office of working healthy rivers, now a budget office -- the den mother for the Sam Rand Twins loves having minions:

With a hard-fought election victory behind her and hopes of a meatier portfolio under Mayor Charlie Hales, Fritz is flexing her muscle like never before. She's the first on the 2013 City Council to propose a significant ordinance, a law that would require Portland businesses to give employees sick time. She's also hatching plans to try to renew public campaign financing, which helped her win office in 2008. And late last year, she persuaded the City Council to create an independent City Budget Office, hoping to tamp down the politics in budgeting.

We hope she's having fun. For what she paid to get re-elected, she could have bought a beach house. She can't afford to do that again, and so "public campaign financing" is a referendum on her third term. Vote no, no, a thousand times no.

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Having fun?

I bet she's having a ball!

Politics has been called 'Hollywood for ugly people' but I'm not sayin she's ugly. Just sayin... It's a great hobby.

Like makin a small fortune in the wine business. Just start with a large one.

The nurse has become intoxicated with her political success. She's now looking for artificial ways to hang on to it. Street dealer make a living from that behavior.

Nurse Amanda's solution to everything: more bureaucracy

Nurse Amanda's solution to fluoride: More Equity!
Miss Fritz in my opinion uses that word Equity in various ways.
She voted for and has said she likes fluoride, she must mean equity for the teeth?
As a nurse, it doesn’t seem possible that she would not understand whole body health. Nurse Fritz needs to stop thinking so hard about Equity for the teeth and start thinking about Equity for the rest of the body.

Does Nurse Fritz then use Equity as her rationale that it is only equitable to medicate every one of us with fluoride whether we need it or not?
Holistic health is important to many in our community. We cannot allow politics and marketing of fluoride to prevail. If Fritz is so concerned about Equity, she needs to respect those who do not approve of having our drinking water medicated. She needs to begin to hit the books on Science instead of listening to fluoride lobbyists who have managed to lobby and compile lists of supporters as “their” science.

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