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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Now that Admiral Randy's gone...

... even the wimpy kids are speaking up.

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The Congressman's support for a reservoir reprieve is well and good, but what says he who can actually make the decision? Does Governor Kitzhaber side with Portland ratepayers or the Water Bureau bureaucracy?

The water bureau bureaucracy may be under new management soon. I'm sure there's a nice gig for Director Shaff at some place like Carollo or CH2M.

Getting rid of Shaff may be a tad more difficul than getting rid of om Miller.

Kitzhaber is a Portland Water Bureau and Sewer Bureau rate payer.

Mayor Hales and the Congressional delegation need to be talking with the Governor right now as he is the one who can direct OHA staff to grant the deferral.

It's also long overdue for the Congressional delegation to work to secure a complete reprieve from the onerously flawed LT2 regulation.
Now that Congressman Blumenauer has publicly expressed his support, let's get this done. Portland has wasted far too much money on unsupported projects.

A long list of stakeholders support permanently retaining the functionality of Portland's historic open reservoirs and getting out from under the continual threat from EPA's flawed sampling method.

Previously Congress Critter Earl couldn't be bothered about saving our unique and healthy water system from the private contractors and unions.

Now I hope he is sincere in his advocacy. He must be thinking of some other big projects to which he wants to spend that money.

And you keep electing these guys...


I thought the same. Earl is looking for ways to either save money or more taxes (pot tax) for his projects? Where has he been?
Another question, How about Wyden and Merkley?
As I stated before, this LT2 is a federal regulation, I believe Merkley sent this matter back to the state?
In my opinion, our Senator Merkley needs to step up and take this matter to the EPA, align with Senator Schumer from NY and get a Waiver for our Bull Run Water System and Reservoirs. This has been dragging on far too long. Seems to me if Merkley wants to be reelected he needs to save/retain as is, with our water rights our water system intact, and stop the bleeding of our community for way too many corporate projects that we can no longer afford. For some of the elected officials, pleasing corporations and the ruling elite in order to stay in their careers is more important. I sincerely hope that is not the case with Senator Merkley.

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