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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Noblesse oblige

Legend Dan Saltzman has found $10,000 in his sofa cushions to give to the political campaign to continue taxing Portlanders specially for after-school programs for needy kids. That's probably about the equivalent of two days' worth of the rent that he'll be collecting from Tri-Met when the insolvent transit agency moves its offices into his family's building down by the streetcars and the Mystery Train to Milwaukie.

State law forbids more than a certain amount of property taxes to be spent on schools. The "children's levy" is Portland's way of skirting the state rules. That seems to be what the majority of the city's population want, but the people pushing it do not reach hero status in our eyes.

Then there's the spin from the O reporter:

The Children's Levy, initially passed in 2002 and renewed in 2008, invests about $10 million annually in programs aimed at helping children succeed in school, offering after-school programs and preventing child abuse.

"Invests"? Mmmmm... spoon-fed.

Comments (7)

Money well spent. Something tells me that supporters of the Children's Levy (and coincidentally those who make a living off same) are part and parcel of the Legend's base.

Any evidence this does any good?

I thought not.

One of the few changes I could support regarding property tax limits is reducing the $10 limit on City and County government property tax rates in exchange for increasing proportionately the education property tax rate limit. Perhaps decrease the City of Portland's tax limit from $10 to perhaps $8 or $9; and increase in the education limit from $5 to $6 or $7. The City of Portland wastes millions of dollars each year on questionable and speculative projects. For instance, a $17 million loan to a downtown "luxury" hotel that went almost over-night into non-performing status. Then the City Auditor issues a couple of different reports on the over spending and misspending of the City. Finally, OSPIRG rates the transparency of Portland City Hall's budgeting process a D minus.

Sam T any evidence that what does any good? The children's levy? Since when is that a criteria for any liberal social program? Who cares! It's someone else's money and I'm/sure all involved have the best of intentions. Quantifiable results?!?! Pleeze.

The etymology for invest from the 14th century is "to clothe in the official robes of an office" -- seems appropriate for how the verb is thrown around these days.

If you had told me it was going to be "savings" from some future project we can't afford in the first place, maybe the replacement of the Multnomah County Courthouse, I would have believed it.

Very nice title, Jack.

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