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Sunday, February 24, 2013

New chapter in clown story

The further back you step from these guys, the more you notice their utter absurdity.

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On a related note, I have been wondering about the Papal retirement. Here are some questions I have:

~ To whom does the Pope submit his notice of retirement?
~ Upon retirement, does the Pope have to surrender his building entry tag, his password codes and his keys? Does this include the Keys to the Kingdom?
~ Does a retired Pope get a pension?
~ What is a retired Pope called, Pope Emeritus?
~ Does he get a retirement party? If so, do they invite his old buds from his days as a member of Hitler_Jungen?
~ Does a retired Pope get a discount on tithing?
~ Does he have to give up his red slippers?
~ He'll no longer get the Popemobile, but does he he get a Retired Papal Golf Cart?

So many questions!

A Cardinal that was involved with activities during WWII has a lot of secrets that could be very damaging to the church.

And lips get looser as you get into your later years. I suspect this guy was forced out by the keepers of the holy dirt.

As recently as tonight the sickos in the Vatican (O'Brien, Mahony, Levada, et al.) continue to lie, coverup, dissemble & degenerate. Fie! The next pope will have even less credibility than his predecessor.

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