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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mayor Char-Lie is for fluoride

The Portland water bureau has taken some time off from running a tour service, hosting the Rose Festival, building demonstration eco-houses, installing toilets on the streets for homeless guys, and its many other fun activities, to do something that actually has to do with the water supply for a change. And of course, it's to fluoridate it.

The official City Hall dogma on adding this chemical to the water is now set forth here. Interestingly, only Bull Run water's going to be fluoridated; the water coming out of the Carollo well field in the summer won't be.

The water folks are quick to tell you how the other bureaucrats all support them. There's not a word about any adverse health concerns, of course. And Mayor Char-Lie's now got a link up, pointing you over the water page so you can read the party line.

Fluoridation was another one of the Sam Rand Twins' backroom deals that would make a bunch of money for someone the public has never seen. And it has the added features, which really got the twins' rocks off, of (a) defying the clearly expressed will of the public, and (b) intruding deeply into people's personal lives. Well, they're gone now, and a lot of what they started isn't going to be finished. Thank heaven. And let's make fluoride one of those pet projects that are now abandoned.

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None of these jokers are going to examine the health and science. It is all too predictable that their knowledge is based on old data (industry propaganda) and from "it's for the kids" emotional brainwashing from the just as ignorant do-gooder crowd.

Like tens (hundreds?) of millions of others, I grew up with fluoridated water and I'm pretty sure the only impact was stronger teeth. Can't join you guys on this one. At least we get a vote to see how people feel about it.

“A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works.”

“Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.”

General Jack D. Ripper

Don't you think we should have a choice whether we want to be medicated? Supplements are available for those who want it.
For all the millions and millions the water bureau has spend on pet projects, if they really cared about the children, even a fraction of those dollars could be put to having dental clinics throughout our city to help those children.
I think you have observed in the past how
"its for the children" has been used around here to push economic interests.

So will it be how people feel about this before or after being propagandized by the industry, after all who has the money here to push this?

I grew up with fluoridate water. I have a mouth full of fillings! Fluoridated water did not give me stronger teeth. I had poor nutrition and kids, like I, eat too much candy. Sugar causes cavities and fluoride will not help that. The fluoride they want to add to our water is not pharmaceutical grade (and no I'm not a conspiracy nut) that is a fact! Fluoridation chemical byproducts from industrial waste, that is the type of fluoride that will be added to our drinking water. How will fluoride with toxins improve my dental health? And I repeat: A MOUTH FULL OF FILLINGS FROM BEING RAISED ON FLUORIDATED WATER!

Maybe snards can explain how taking a shower, flushing toilets, mopping the floor, watering the lawn, hosing off the driveway, washing the car, and other such things --where 99% of water goes-- makes stronger teeth.

Given the way Portland bureaucrats work now, this is likely an already inked deal with big $$ on the line and deep pockets to make sure nothing gets in its way. It wouldn't be the first time and is becoming more and more the norm. After all, there's a reason this city receives regular inoculations of self-admiration.

Interestingly, only Bull Run water's going to be fluoridated; the water coming out of the Carollo well field in the summer won't be.

No need to mess up the well fields, that water already is with questionable properties, such as hormones, prescription drugs although the PWB says very little of those exist but then and and heavens forbid, but the question needs to be asked, has anything from the Columbia River ever gotten into those well fields? Has it been thoroughly tested by an independent lab and tests revealed?

Nah, looks like the plan is to mess up our good pristine Bull Run Water. That way we will be on the road to accepting degraded water even blending Willamette River water with it. Who knows, the bottled water industry may even be behind this fluoride push?

If you grew up in a place where fluoride naturally occurred in the water, more power to you. But I think there's a reason many other countries around the world have never fluoridated their water or did, briefly, and then stopped. You're not going to die if you don't get fluoride so it can't even be equated with a health issue like vaccinations. When will someone decide we'd all be better off if our water were infused with valium or prozac so we'd all just mellow out and accept whatever legislative flummory comes our way? If you want fluoride, you can get it. It should be a choice. Some of us are old enough that it's not going to make one iota of difference in our dental health anyway.

Not so very long ago, the government was telling mothers that thalidomide was safe and would, no doubt, have put it into the water without a qualm if they decided it might be a good idea.

The folks making these decisions are not scientists, chemists or doctors and they don't seem to care what any of the preceding have to say unless it agrees with their preordained agenda.

Best of Social Media: This has to be one of the better debates I have heard through fb from the Healthy Kids Healthy Portland, an industry paid for outreach group.. http://carlssonia.blogspot.com/2013/02/why-portland-water-fluoridation.html?showComment=1362062681806&m=1

Can anyone answer the question about milk teeth?



and: "In 2012 Declan Waugh delivered a report, entitled Human Toxicity, Environmental Impact and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation, which spectacularly blows the lid off the State’s position on the issue. As a result, amongst the international scientific community, Waugh is now regarded as a leading expert on the subject. His evidence regarding fluoridation’s harmful effects is being used in Canada, the US, Australia and Israel to help stop the practice there. Yet at home, his findings are being ignored by the authorities and the mainstream media." - See more at: http://www.hotpress.com/features/reports/Hot-Press-Report-Fluoride/9609873.html?new_layout=1#sthash.rUfIuoz5.dpuf

Oooops....happens too often... Vote NO

Clinical Trials
Simple Reviews



Vote No!

Sounds like char-LIE has been bought off like lots of others. Fluoride is a Toxic STEW and it does not belong in our water. Vote NO on fluoride in May 2013..

Political consultant who marketed Charlie to us.
Political consultant who is marketing fluoride to us.
Connect the dots.

I have a feeling there are many many more dots to be connected here in our community on this fluoride issue.

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