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Monday, February 11, 2013

HP guy in the 'Couv offers to replace bad ink cartridge

Our rant about the tone-deaf customer "service" that Hewlett-Packard provides has prompted an offer by a local HP employee to have someone personally deliver us a replacement ink cartridge from the company's local engineering and marketing operation. It is certainly a nice gesture, and appreciated, but now that we've come this far with the national apparatus, we're going to try mailing the defective item, as instructed, to the HP "escalation" gal in Boise. At this point, it's more a journalistic project than anything else. But thank you to that HP worker for stepping up.

Comments (5)

"...The 'escalation' gal in Boise.."

Sounds like an ad from craigslist. Where the poster should only be met at a Starbucks near a police precinct, while the responder is wearing a body wire, hidden camera, and perhaps other protective elements.

Interesting stuff....shame no one mentioned Canon...;-)

I am truly amazed at how long this has dragged out...

Fifteen years ago when I was working there...this would have been resolved on the first phone call (since e-mail technical support was still not common at that time) and you'd already have your ink cartridges.

I am very glad, I am no longer associated with that organization.

The HP printers are ink selling disasters. After many phone calls, HP agreed to accept a return of their "All in One" ink jet money train. A replacement arrived and worked for aproximately 6 months and then refused to print anything, claiming "low ink" in two colors. After replacing all the colored ink cartridges twice and receiving the same error message, I returned the machine to the place of purchase. It made a satisfying sound as it landed by the front door of the big box store. This was no ordinary scuffle, I then kicked it as a measure of disdain.
I donated all my full and nearly full cartridges to an alternative high school which uses the same machine. Their machine soon died as well and they chose not to replace it.

I'm a big fan of using FedEx/Kinko's once again. It saves me time and money by getting in my car and going to a copy center.

Now THAT's what I call a carbon footprint! And leave a nice brand of disapproval on the infernal gadget, to boot.

I never fell for the HP hype, though the did once have very nice displays on low cost notebook pc's for about a year. I've used Brother equipment for 20 years with few problems. Just switched to Epson last year. Still happy.

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