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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here comes her Sun

Our friend's child is what Frank Sinatra used to call a "kid singer." But she's a darned good kid singer, and her mom, who's been blogging even longer than we have, is doing what she can to advance the budding musical career. Said mom reports as follows:

My daughter Sun (not the name she was born with, alas), along with the rest of the American Music Program, Thara Memory and Esperanza Spalding (both recent recipients of a Grammy for one of the songs on Esperanza's also-Grammy-winning album, City of Roses) are all featured on [tonight's] episode of OPB's Art Beat.

Just finished watching it; it's worthy of a mention. More info here:



Well, there ya go. Music for a Valentine's Night. The show goes on at 8:00.

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I was just on the phone to my old sax player a few days ago, rejoicing about Thara getting a Grammy. It's too cool.

And as long as we're bragging here about the next generation, check out this young singer I recorded doing one of my songs. That's me on guitar, keyboards and bass, and my old bandmate on the sax.
Her name is Keyonna Knight and she was just in New York auditioning. Enjoy:

Saw Sun, along w/ Esperanza & Thara and the rest of the gang, front row center, in August. Fantastic.

Thanks, Jack! (& you too, mbeard)

#jazzmom & 'Sun's roadie'

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