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Friday, February 1, 2013

Have a great weekend

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The best! Bet you will show many that did not know she is a fantastic piano player.

Robin: count me among those who didnt know, until now

Cheers, It's Mike

You're right Robin, did not know that she even played piano. Not to detract from AF in anyway, but I thought one of the reasons Beyonce decided to lip sync at the inauguration was because Aretha sounded so bad at Barry's first one. Don't know if it is her advancing years or the cold weather.

Singing outdoors with huge amplification is tricky. Aretha can still sing anything, including opera. Although she did have some health issues recently.

I stumbled upon an interesting biography here. I definitely want to read the whole thing.

Beyonce and Aretha in the same sentence?
Please, Aretha may have sounded rough but she made up for it with true soul artistry.

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