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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guess who was in on Nike tax bullying

We'll give you a hint: His annual PERS check is $252,327.

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Read the article - Was Gary the PERS guy?

I guess if they want to bully, OK, but it'd be nice to get the same rules for everyone instead of doing these one-off deals.

The real reason for Nike's hurry? The legal beagles were needed for the faculty negotiations at their school.

I'm pretty sure the reference is to Dave Frohnmayer, who is augmenting that meager pension with a side job at the Threats R Us law firm.

Sort of funny story on how UO's former President's law firm ended up getting a $400 an hour contract to fight the new faculty union: http://www.uomatters.com/2012/12/how-did-sharon-rudnick-end-up-across.html

And for live-blogging of the bargaining sessions with her, go here: http://www.uomatters.com/2013/02/union-bargaining-viii.html

And for a bit on how UO's General Counsel Randy Geller wrote a brief arguing for a $432,000 increase in what the state had to pay that HLGR law firm for a public records dispute see here: http://www.uomatters.com/2012/07/geller-wants-state-to-pay-864000-to.html

I seem to remember Gary being with the AG's office in Salem back in the 70s, and he left to go sell cars or some such thing in the Eugene area. Then he went into private practice. Who knows, he may be drawing something from PERS, but it wouldn't be $252, 237/yr. That's gotta be Uncle Dave.

When Frohnmayer & Bellotti go to lunch, Bellotti buys. When Frohnmayer & Phil go to lunch, Oregon pays.

It's just one more, "... we have to PASS the bill so you can find out what is in it..." moment.

Many more on their way.

I worked around Frohnmayer back when he started on the PERS gravy train. I think he was elected to the Oregon State House in 1974, then went on to AG in 1980, then Dean of the Law School and then UofO Prez. It was the UofO gig that spiked his PERS eligible income into the big leagues.

Ted Kulongowski, also elected to the State House in 1974 and who also went on to AG after Dave, stayed in elected government roles his whole life. After ending his career as Governor, which pays less than $100K/year (about 1/4th that of UofO Prez), Kulo's PERS must be around $80-90K/year.

Both sucked the government teat, but Dave was much better at it back then. And as Jack mentions above, Dave has only gotten better with age.

I may be way off. Some people say Dave made over $700K/year in total compensation, instead of my estimated $400K.

See the url:

I think I feel ill.

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