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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grants Pass UFO!

A strange object in the sky over Josephine County.

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I am totally disappointed the thing was not shot down by one of the volunteer posses authorized to protect the citizenry of Josephine County. So many assault rifles gone to naught.

There have been strange lights over Eugene the last two weekends. Probably just the mass affects of the permanent pot cloud that hangs over town.

The military has been experimenting with hovering craft ever since they stole the technology from the Germans after WWII.

So 70 years of development since then, they obviously have some very wild stuff. But being Military, they are Hell bent on keeping all that stuff classified, cause if you can't use it to kill and dominate, what good is it?

And the idea that an advanced alien race is flying around teasing us with sightings now an again is silly. If they ever made contact, they would then have one of the worst babysitting jobs in the universe. One that would last for thousands of years!

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