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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Governor Ted can never keep his story straight

Just another example of his talking out of both sides of his mouth can be found here.

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Steve uses the word "muddled" and that describes this whole column. He buries the lede and sneaks up on the real point about a third of the way from the end.

Here's how I'd write the column: One paragraph about Kulongoski to state where it's going at the beginning, followed by the historical context stuff, then the big finish about the main point here. Notice what Jack chose as a headline? That's what this is about. Instead, Steve swerves around so the column suffers from mission creep. It's like a drone that circles lazily over the target for two thirds of the column before firing off the missile.

This could be another case of Portland Polite as he still seems to be frightened of the scandal that's haunted Oregon for decades. It's sad really. Remember, it was the Oregonian that called Goldschmidt's rape "an affair" - the definitive example of the dark side of Portland Polite.

This muddled column shows how that horrendous scandal still echoes through the years.

Too bad Gov Kulo is hiding his papers and documents, since it would show that he really did "know nothing" (just like Sargent Schultz) about Mayor Statutory Rapist Goldy.

The paper trail could exonerate Kulo, or expose him as a liar. Why is he hiding things from public view?

I think that Fred Leonhardt knows the answer to that question. And Fred's testimony along with many other Goldy cronies and mistresses, with a bit of digging, is in the public record. Thank you, Fred, for keeping it real!

I thought the article stated that a law was passed which made the records generated on the public dime part of the public domaine. Obviously he has something he isn't very proud of and wants to hide it. My two cents says that it has to do with Neil raping the babysitter.

The Governors Karamazov...

I wondered were Kroger caught that selective memory affliction from - I guess it was Ted.

No question that Ted along with many others knew about sweet Neil and his girltoy. He would be crazy to hold onto or release anything more than what is already out in circulation. Ted was part of the cover up and an accessory to the crime against that poor child. Both should still be in jail.

Even uncle Phil knew, hence the departure from Club Nike.

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