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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gatsby's solemn vow

"What? One of the tanks leaked? This is unacceptable. It needs to be a higher priority. This year, instead of handing $2 billion to Bechtel to pour down the Hanford rat hole, let's go for $3 billion." The third senator from New York cracks us up.

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"It will also be a very significant budget question, whether this is the right place to put scarce resources," he said.

How about putting drones and war expenses on the shelf?

By the way, Jack, someone at Fox News reads your blog, either that, or it's a continuation of Fox News's tendency to mislabel misbehaving Republican Congresspeople as "-D". Either way, I've seen Wyden quoted on Fox at least three times in the past two weeks while in passing (long story), and he's always identified as "-R".

Chances are if you start checking around you will find that Bechtel, one way or another, was a Wyden campaign contributor.
Funny how these things happen.
One thing is for certain very little in Washington happens in a vacuum

Are things scarce or scary?

You know how crazy Ron is.

Once he gets West of Buffalo, NY all the people/states look the same. He probably thought Hanford was some kind of OR green energy company to throw money at.

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