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Sunday, February 24, 2013

From Brian Corrigan

There's more botulism in Kristen Chenoweth's face than in a dented can of Spam.

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Tonight's red carpet show was my first encounter with Kristen Chenoweth. Good grief - that voice - like a dwarf that's been huffing helium.


I had to Google her! Who knew?
And that voice...she sings?

Good grief - Chenoweth AND Michelle Obama. Maybe the last Oscar show I watch. Blech.

I looked at some photos, many of these women look uncomfortable and in pain. Those platform to stilted heels must take some doing to walk in them.
I think back to the days when movie stars actually looked beautiful instead of plastic.

Brian adds: "Frank Kohut the Re-recording Mixing Executive DIED? And this is the first I hear of it? OMG!"

The Blazer game against the Celtics was far more entertaining; and you didn't have to endure idiotic speeches after every award.


Get a life....

There were so many presidential moments with Michele on Late Nite w/Jimmy Fallon and the Oscars.

Bill, any jokes you're selling about this? Maybe you can mix in the fact that Obama's Stimulus has given Hollywood over $1.2 Billion in subsidies to the movie industry for just the nominees for Oscars, who know, the "Rich People". Hypocrisy.

Did anyone else do a double take when they saw Jane Fonda? I didn't even recognize her. (Cue "Jaws" theme)

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