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Monday, February 11, 2013

Flush twice

It's a big one.

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Not a single mention of equity in the O report unless we can count on the streets being in "fair" condition. I was glad to see they integrated rubber/polymer composite grids to reduce reflective cracking, instead of kicking the pothole a few feet over.

I don't think many cities of Portland's size, or any others, would have 5 "strategic actions" like Millers, especially including "public health". There's hardly any mention of what most transportation bureaus attempt to accomplish. Sad. And Hales better do something about it.

"Maintenance integrated the use of rubber/polymer additives and high-strengthening composite grids into the streets pavement program to increase resistance to rutting and reflective cracking, thereby increasing the paving surface lifespan by 30 percent, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and decreasing overall lifecycle costs," the plan notes.

Now if they woud just start to use some of this wonderful stuff we might be able to drive through downtown without fear of our dental fillings being shaken from our skulls.

What a steaming pantload.

I am sure that Charlie and Toby Widmer will give Miller's effort the attention and respect if deserves: None at all. When the Auditor's office comes out with its next report on the City's paving operations, the changes needed will be readily apparent. I have faith that Charlie will do the right things.

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