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Monday, February 18, 2013

Fatal shooting at Adventist Hospital was by cops

One witness says he heard nine shots. Reports at this hour are that the police were called out over a man with a gun. Now that man is dead. No one inside the hospital was hurt, apparently. It's Mayor Char-Lie's first civilian killing at the hands of the city's police; his response should be telling about how much action he really intends to take to clean the bureau up.

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Yep.... I'm sure its the cops fault. Eyes rolling....

Ya, it is totally unfair just because you get caught in a few "errors of judgement", Everyone thinks you've done it again.

Oh, and I'm going to have to seize that camera of yours... "for evidence". Wanna show me where the "delete button" is again?

Shouldn't we have facts before leaping off conclusion bluff ?

No "leaping to conclusions" is necessary. Simply plot the trend line:

Cop "thinks" he/she sees a gun.
Cop kills civilian - no less than 17 rounds are fired.
Civilian dies in a hail of bullets.
Cops gather up all embarrassing evidence.
Cops return to Precinct with only one road rage incident.
Chief Toadie says shooting was justified.
PPA says it will sue if the shooter cop is disciplined.
Estate of dead civilian sues.
Cop is returned to duty - and placed on the sex assault team.
City loses wrongful death civil litigation.
City pays estate $2 Million.
Chief Toadie resumes business as usual.

In some ways suicide by cop is better than going the wrong-way on I-5 as the cops are somewhat prepared for the potential.

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