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Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't sell out for fake job promises

The folks trying to save West Hayden Island from the Port of Portland Shipping Facility of Mystery hit the nail right on the head this evening with this Facebook post:

Three years ago the Portland City Council waived proposed environmental protections on the Siltronic property along the Willamette River. Council bought hook, line and sinker, Siltronic's argument that they were in the process of negotiating a huge economic development opportunity (secret of course) and environmental regulations would prevent those opportunities from being realized. Three years later, not only was the phantom development opportunity never realized, but Siltronic has closed one of its two existing facilities and shifted 350 jobs to Germany. The Federal Government just approved $530,000 to retrain the workers that Siltronic abandoned. Portland needs to be a hell of a lot more careful about buying into false trade-offs between the health of our communities and our environment in exchange for vague promises of jobs. Fifteen years after the Port of Portland began trying to annex WHI, it still can't tell us what it intends to build or when it will build it... but they are adamant that that they can't afford to protect the environment in the process.

The Port staff needs to be downscaled, and all that cash that they're awash in needs to go to mental health services and schools. The legislature can make this happen. Hey, Chip Shields, where are you on this?

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Hey, I thought that card said it all...

...what - you want representation???

The Goldschmidt Mafia vs. "Chip"?

"Up shields!"

When seeking tax exemptions, tax monies, or environmental waivers a transparent detailed plan should be avaiable to the public. It's not exactly rocket surgery.

Please don't bug Chip, he's busy signing birthday greetings.

This is a problem nationwide.

The new mantra when candidates come calling at candidate fairs, city clubs, news conferences, whatever is, "will you be signing birthday greetings?".

And, "at taxpayer expense?"

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