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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doctor's orders

Let it rip.

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Yes, that is the "TICKET"

This "passage" was my personal favorite:

Travelers could also be subjected to a methane breath screening and those with higher methane content could be assigned seats in a restricted area of the plane near the lavatory.

The airlines could hold a contest for what to call this seating section.

Guess what happens when the methane cloud hits the new Boeing batteries.

Somebody get a match to light the blue flame!

And you thought wind sheer was bad before. Here's the 2 scariest words in aviation today: Vegetarian lasagna.

That's the last time I go looking for a good golf story on your site.

Geeze, open a window.

There's Flying Coach and now Flying Flatus.

But will there be a curtain or a door?

Last century, I once lived with a couple of flight attendants (tough gig, I know). Sometimes after trips they would complain of something called "Jet Belly". I believe it's related.

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