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Thursday, February 7, 2013

CRoCk jam-down under way

A reader in the know lays out the plan: "Hearing Monday and following Monday, then vote on both floors and Gov signs. $450MM to be bonded based on $35MM per year slice of federal transportation funds Oregon gets each year." That's almost as quick as they jump when Phil Knight wants a tax break. Looks like Willy Week and the bike ninnies will be going into overdrive over the next 10 days.

But at the rate this project is going, it will take several times that amount in state funding to actually build it. The people in charge can spend $450MM just planning the seat configurations for the MAX train. The tolls are going to be something else again. Pass the popcorn.

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Pigs at the trough.

Really strange how we can find money for this and PERS contributions, but, gee, we just don't have any money left over for schools. Sorry, I forgot, schools are bottom priority in OR, the Mississippi of the West.

Is the woman that was running this for OR still in charge? That alone oughta be worth another $150M blown.

Here's an uninformed prediction: to get permission to build a lower bridge, the CRC gang will lean on the Port of Portland to make its West Hayden Island land available to the Vancouver businesses that are east of the bridge, whose exports would be blocked off by the proposed low bridge. WHI is developed, but not with a major export terminal, the people whom the new bridge would put out of business get a location downstream of the new bridge, and the light rail dollars can roll in to the accounts of the connected crowd.

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