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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Come on, Portland media, shape up

We keep reading news stories about how the Portland Police Athletic League is abruptly going out of business tomorrow, and how bad that's going to be for the kids who use the group's programs. But is anybody ever going to tell us exactly why this is happening? Where has their funding come from? Why is it drying up? Who are the managers? Didn't they see this coming? Where can the money come from to save the organization?

It's not just the kid reporters who need a boot to the head. The publishers who think you can have kid reporters without experienced editors are also bad actors.

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Lately, the "Why" part of basic journalism doesn't seem to get into news stories.

And what will happen to all the other activities run by PAL? For instance, they run a kids' football league that our school district participates in. Will that end also?

The article clearly states what the problem is. PAL spends more than they take in and the level of government grants is dropping. My questions is why don't they get funding through the Portland Children's Levy which soaks the Portland taxpayers about $13,000,000 per year.

Obviously, Journalism schools no longer teach "Who, What, Where, When, How and Why".

It appears the curriculum now is "Google, Cut, Paste, Send".

AND the kids work cheaper.

I'm told that PAL management did no outside fundraising for at least the past year or two. Grants go only so far and fees for participants in their rec center, camps and the football program are kept minimal so low income kids aren't left out. I'm also told that a lot of the "old hand" employees have drifted away in the past year. What's the real story? I hope whatever happened gets fixed. And yes the football program will go also .. A sad thing.

Only a credentialed Press pass gives access with the authority to ask your questions and require answers ... or defame the refusers.

So, who's got a Press pass credential?

Zusman is a real piece of work. I'll tell you that much. Portland papers are so negative and completely full of s**t, ripe with nepotism and censorship. The city is "run" by some of the nastiest people I have ever encountered. "The kids work cheaper" is one of Portland's wonderful mantras that have made it the special place we now all love. Many very sick and delusional business owners in Portland. The city thrives on desperation. Gross and sad to see the mess Portland has become. It always had problems like any city but now it's taken on a whole new level of surrealism in the worst possible way. I no longer use E. Burnside, Hawthorne, Belmont or Division among many other "streets" that have been overrun by young Portland Polite that know it all & psychotic city "planning".

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