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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breaking news: Admiral Randy spent the money anyway

No laws were strong enough to contain the genius. It was truly a force of nature.

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This being Portland, odds are a promise and a handshake were somehow involved.

Some level playing field here!!

Who is really behind all this fluoride business here, lobbying waaaay ahead of we citizens being informed and "our" money being spent even after the petitions came in??

I can only hope that this devious path the PWB and pro fluoride people have taken will further make the voting public angry about their methods and will reject this in our water!

Many of us do not approve of our community being medicated. Who are these people that are so hell bent on shoving this down our throats?

I have to question whether the ones who are promoting this even live here. . . and to those who want fluoride so badly, get the supplement or move to a community that is fluoridated instead of coming in here and saddle those who don't want it. We that have lived here for years know what a treasure our good water is without it.

If this is pushed in and let us not forget the marketing business here of it, there may well be an exodus of people leaving because they refuse to drink this stuff. Who knows, maybe the bottled water people are behind this?

The microbrew industry needs to pay attention here, I am sorry, taste or not, they will lose customers if fluoride is put in our water.

Do lawsuits have incubation periods? Check out this 2005 article from the Oregon State Bar archives.


It took some time for tobacco lawsuits. Is this another wave in waiting?

Fluoride in Portland microbrews?
Not for me!

(The FDA defines any fluoride product swallowed for a reduction in tooth decay as a drug.)

From link above.
Just great, politicians medicating our community now, how could they possibly even consider putting this in our good water? If there was even a slightest doubt, these people would be prudent and not even put it on the table for discussion. Instead full board ahead. It is actually frightening to think these people are sitting in our council making these kind of critical decisions.

This council has been blowing away our money like mere bubble gum. . . just think of the cost of those two storage tanks:
$135 million for the one at Powell Butte.
$90 million for the one at Kelly Butte. That LT2 rule(long term storage) which they told us was the reason they just had to built is being reviewed now and those tanks may not have even been needed, but they wouldn't even ask for a Waiver and on a fast track drive they have been to rush to spend.

If they really cared about the children and dental care, can you imagine how many nice dental clinics for children throughout our city could have been in place to provide the fluoride treatment for those who do want it applied to their teeth? Also for dental care?
All that for a fraction of the cost of what our PWB has been spending.

After spending all this money, now they are hand wringing about budgets?
There is something wrong with this picture.

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