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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Portland mental illness alum in the news

Here's a sad, sad story about this guy. He's still on the lam -- maybe headed back up here? Let's hope not.

UPDATE, 9:40 p.m.: According to published reports, here is the suspect:

UPDATE, 10:28 p.m.: Never mind about the "on the lam" part. According to this version of the story, the guy's dead.

Comments (7)

The article is confusing:, isn't Jeremy Goulet (of Portland) the guy shot and killed at 4 PM in front of the Whole Foods?

So who is this suspect on the run as of tonight?

It's a confused situation down there. Of course, this being an officer-involved shooting, the official story can never be accepted at face value. But in this case, so far it cannot even be understood.

Just posted an update. Apparently the suspect was fatally shot by the police. Peeping Tom dudes often come to bad ends.

The title of Daryl Turner's next column in The Rap Sheet just wrote itself:

"NOW don't you all understand why the Portland police must kill anyone that looks at us with a shank eye?"

Hey, at least somebody in Portlandia made it uncomfortable enough for this nutjob that when he got out of jail, he went to Berkeley. I'm grateful for that.

What we REALLY need is a law prohibiting felons (especially those convicted of carrying and FIRING a firearm during commission of a felony) from buying possessing or using a firearm to kill police.

Oh... we already HAVE such a law?

Jack, are you so biased against the police that you can't bring yourself to note ANYWHERE on the main page or comments page that this douche bag murdered two cops before the cops put him down like the POS he was?

Or do you think this is just tit for tat? Cops gun down the mentally ill here so when the mentally ill from here gun down cops it all evens out?

Generally I overlook the parts of your blog I find issue with because I really like the work you do on taxes and government waste, but this time, well this time, I think you are being shall we say insensitive.

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