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Saturday, February 16, 2013

An oopsie on the 72

Everybody knows that these days, Tri-Met sees its primary purpose as promoting the "urban renewal" that's wiping out Portland's character. But yesterday at Clackamas Town Center, one of its bus drivers may have got a little too caught up in that mission:

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That's what the extra two feet of length represented by the (optional extra) front end cap of the bus is intended for. Gillig: coming or going, we look the same.


Speaking of Tri-Met, I just figured out what's bothering me about the streetcars with the giant "Made in the USA" letters.
We were one of the great manufacturing centers in history: Cars, bridges, the battleships that won World War 2. Has it really come to this - that we have to hype the fact that we built a streetcar?

There's a saying in sports: "Act like you've been there before."

Bill: Short answer is 'yes'.

There were numerous screams to "look out for that tree" on the recorded audio, but they were apparently drowned out by some sort of snoring noise.

The ATU contract specifically allows one tree smashing per week w/o any discipline. In the event of a second tree smahing w/i the same week, the discipline formula calls for cutting (if you'll pardon the expression) the OT hours by 5%. But, this is made up by requiring management to pay the OT rate for all hours spent during the investigatory process following the incident.

Of course this would never happen within the Portland city limits, because here our trees have rights.

Asleep,at the wheel....again!

So what is the REAL story behind that picture? Nobody seems to want to actually explain what happened...

Bill, that would be "streetcar", singular. There's only one "Made in the USA" streetcar - the prototype - in use at the present time, as far as I know. We had a lead-footed Louie piloting this "dream machine" today. Several people noted that the speed at which he was propelling it and the abruptness with which he stopped made it seem as though he was on his way to a put out a fire.

Of course this would never happen within the Portland city limits, because here our trees have rights.

Portland's huge trees lost their rights when they stood in the way of "smart growth" developments.

...The newer drivers aren't real good at driving these wierd old thingys that don't use a track

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