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Friday, February 15, 2013

A statue of Saint Hatfield

This is priceless. Maybe the likeness can include a little bribe money sticking out of a pocket.

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Jason Lee? Really? I'd say if anybody deserved a statue in DC, it'd be Wayne Morse. A really big-time shin-kicker.

Will the statue show Mark O kneeling in prayer beside his state limo?

When I look at what the State legislature gets up to during its session, I am filled with regret that they ever are in recess.

Maybe the statue could have an inscription recalling the promise he made to Sig Unander.

Why should we pay for a statue of a Senator with no memorable legislation. None. He had a miserable 50% voting record. Why, because he was always busy making money giving speeches rather than representing us.

Since we are limited to only two, why not have a multi-headed statue of every pork-getter that state has sent to Washington? We could call it the Oregon Pork Sampler

Maybe just have a statute of a six-foot beaver with swollen anus glands. http://bojack.org/2013/02/another_article_i_wish_id_neve.html#comments

Same difference. Senator Vanillus Maximus.

But seriously: Better to have a statue of Joel Palmer or Captain Jack.

Now I'm curious - what was the promise he made to Sig Unander?

Interesting story here about Troutdale sculptor Rip Caswell creating a statue of Admiral Nimitz to be installed at Pearl Harbor next year:


Maybe he will submit a proposal on the Hatfield piece. He's already done a large statue of Tom McCall in Salem and many wildlife monuments.

If any Oregon Governor deserves a statue it should be Oswald West. It's pretty hard to beat his record on any number of issues that truly affected Oregonians at the time he promoted them - and still do.

Rip Caswell is an amazing sculptor, and totally self-taught. He could do a great Hatfield.


CC Kid...First, work backward from the final event in Sig's bio.

I cut out a little blurb on Hatfield some years back which I just happened to come across yesterday while looking through some clutter boxes, and it's worth looking at again but I cannot recall where it appeared:

Regarding a large spending package then in the works, "$2.6 million was added by Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Mark Hatfield to this funding bill for the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Ore. When you've been in Congress long enough, the grants go to projects named after you."

Bob Tiernan

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