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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A ray of hope for Portland

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Let's hope the Oregon Health Plan will cover this stuff.

PBR flavored!

Yeah, yeah. We're all pretentious in our own way. I say more power to 'em!

Good to know. You're paying for them.

I love it. Now if only all the Portland Emo Hipsters could see this. Of course they wont get it or have a clue what ALMOST everyone is laughing about.

Thanks Jack, this is funny lawn fudge right here.

It says it all. Thanks, Jack. I'd gladly throw in a 100 bucks to run it as a spoof ad on our local tv stations. It would be more thought provoking than most ads.

I don't want fluoride added to Portland's water supply, but I'm OK with adding this!

Cue the fatuous whines of "Well, I don't think this is funny at all..." in three...two...one...

Ha! The damned thing is, TTR, odds are this hilarious brilliance is (dammit) a hipster production.

Very probably. I keep noting the same response by hipsters to presentations like these that the worst sort of Trekkies have to William Shatner's "Get a Life" speech: they're the first to go on and on about how they know SOMEONE ELSE to whom this applies, but not them.

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