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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A century to remember

Tonight at midnight: the 100th anniversary of the effective date of the U.S. individual income tax. For some of us, it's an occasion worth marking. Where have you gone, Teddy Roosevelt?

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Cupcakes seem appropriate. They get a piece of every cake I bake....

The Code has been good to me. The accumulated complexities and the velocity of change over the last decade have helped me support my family and allowed me to earn an income probably higher than I deserve.

I also recognize that specific IRC sections have driven people to fly airplanes into the side of IRS buildings.

Like every other legal construct: As flawed as its author(s); woefully short of what we think it could be.

Happy Birthday IRC. May you live and grow for at least another 20 years.

Two words: flat tax

The Creature from Jekyll Island lives and is a law unto itself.

Cupcakes? I'm frosted.

The 1913 top marginal rate was 7% (zero seven percent), and you had to earn $500,000 (a fortune in 1913 dollars) to reach that modest plateau.

Oh what progress we've made in the last century.

Hey, tariffs have come down.

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