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Monday, January 21, 2013

Your tax dollars at work -- setting up a saloon

And a nonprofit one at that. It's the latest adventure brought to you by the Portland Development Commission, to the tune of $50,000. Hey, the New York Times likes it.

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Oh great! But it's only! $50k down the flusher....just small time for the PDC.

Of course the New York Times likes it. There's no such thing as a dumb hipster idea from Portland that's too dumb for the Times to masturbate over.

I thought public funding failure, Jesse Cornett, had the first non-profit pub ...

Latched peepholes? Upstairs? Sounds more like a brothel.

"Through grants from the city and private donations — about 30 people have given between $1,500 to $2,500, support levels that come with a free beer a day, or a week, for life, and their own mug — the bar will also open with no loans or capital to pay back, Mr. Saari said."

What's the present fair market value of a pint a day, or week, for life?

The article states that a pint goes for $4.50 - $5, Sal. Of which, allegedly, only $1 is profit (to which I scoff, BTW). Sounds like those sponsors are making out like banshees - especially at the $2,500 / beer a day level.

Yay, let's not only encourage a lifetime of drinking, let's subsidize it! Alcohol can be an ugly drug too, people. I know. What a strange, duplicitous time in which we live. Spend billions on a failed drug war against an innocuous herb; yet push ideas like this. If only the quest for the almighty dollar didn't always overrule common sense.

Alcohol abuse deaths in the US outnumber firearm homicides by over eight to one. It seems like spending taxpayer dollars to subsidize another drinking establishment is a nothing less than a misaligned priority.

The proliferation of so called non-profits is out of control. It is stealing from the rest of us, besides the legit businesses we support.

A non-profit pays its CEO, directors, staff wages, bonuses, and all other expenses any normal business has. It pays for the pizza parties, the travel, education, seminars, conventions and many of the other tweaks. What's left, they say they give to charity. But in reality most of gross incomes pays for the non-profits benefits listed above. If there's any dollars left over for a for-profit, it pays taxes. But many non-profits like this beer hall will make sure there's little left over. That is why many community colleges up through four year colleges, and even master and doctorates are given with all the numerous permutations for "non-profits/public/organizational/etc.

And if a non-profit fails, so what? Dissolve or get a new CEO with higher pay with more benefits and two cars and larger travel/entertainment allowances.

Is this the way the city can say there have been job increases? It also can pay for some who work there to then fill those apartment bunkers or workforce housing.

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