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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Your tax dollars at work

We send people to Salem to make laws, and they introduce dopey bills like this one to "start a conversation." Then they want the legislature to be turned into a full-time gig for themselves, presumably so that they can have more such "conversations" on the public dime. It's hard to imagine most of these people ever having a real job.

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Meanwhile back at the Grow shop, everyone laughs and says, " prescription, we don't need no stinking prescription ".

OK, sounds like a plan.

What an utter waste of time! and money!
The citizens of OR would be better served to have no legislature at all if this is an example of how these clowns spend their time.
Actually let's send in the clowns! The people I know who march in the Rose Parade every year as real clowns would make way better legislative decisions.

He's the guy who wrote the bill requiring universities to interview minority coaches. He's now filed a complaint about the replacement of Kelly -- even though that law has no penalty for infraction.

The legislature is not supposed to be a real job. This guy needs a girlfriend, maybe in Brazil or Venezuela or someplace.

Maybe someone needs to remind him that if he objects to things that cause addiction then maybe he should also have coffee in the bill since caffeine is addicting.

Who votes for these people?

"start a conversation"? WTF?

How about "get a job" & not on the public dime.

Now that's a new one. Usually, this sort of idiotic legislation is proposed "for the children" or "for the family", and the legislator in question knows perfectly well that it'll never pass. Much like some of our legislators down here, who submit the same dumb bills intending to legalize mandatory school prayer or require "equal time" for young-earth creationism, the idea is to build up a portfolio of stupid, and then go back to the district, wave at the constituents, and chirp "I wanted to make some change, but THEY wouldn't let me!" The voters go "Baaaaa," and they get another term.

Don't be too hard on him folks. He's just auditioning for the job of Portland mayor, or perhaps governor. Or maybe Congressman, in case Earl's bow tie should become undone and tangled in his bicycle spokes. It's no wonder at all that a documentary/reality TV show called Portlandia can masquerade as a comedy in this town/state.

The sad thing is that this brain donor has a loyal following.

Idle minds are the devils smoke shop. Maybe if they only met for two weeks every 2 years and were paid a flat fee we could get real work done and not have to deal with more Nanny state nonsense.

The biennial general session of the Wyoming Legislature meets on average for 38 days.

What better place than the Legislature to air your personal grievances with society?

What a bunch of dopes. I'd say make the legislature 15 days every other year and have them do the bare minimum - Unless you can tell me something they done in the past 10 sessions that really needed to be done.

Y'know just long enough to sign a budget and take another $1B from schools and roads to throw at PERS.

There are only 3 people living in Wyoming. Nice try.

The reason the legislature makes dumb reasons is because the good ones have already been done.

Here in Nevada the legislature meets for 120 days every two years; with any additional days needing the approval of the Governor. (And that rarely happens.) It's also a relatively low paying job, meaning you are likely to need a real job outside of your legislative duties to make ends meet.

Don't Oregon legislators make only part-time salaries with most if not all having other full-time jobs?

last time I looked they made about $15K per year. Yeah, working in the leg is a real get rich quick scheme!

I get tired of having to repeat this every time "some dude" or another brings up the supposedly poor pay of our state legislators, but this tired old trope really irks me.

Their pay is more in the neighborhood of $20K/yr. - not too shabby for a part-time job. And when you consider per diem (unvouchered @ $100), benefits (like full family medical & PERS), paid expenses (like mileage and phone), and other perks (like being able to hire your relatives with no accounting of their time or duties), a lot of us poor working stiffs would consider it a pretty sweet gig. Oh, and let's not forget that they can double dip and use campaign funds for any expense already covered above.

So cry me a freakin' river for those poor, destitute, do-nothing dears.

Check out HB 2352: Dull & Boring Day. We are paying people to write, review, track, and provide fiscal impact statements to these bills. These legislators need to realize that in this economy, cute don't cut it, and political posturing - "starting a conversation" - is an outrageous reason to drop a bill. They need to think about the amount of money each bill costs the taxpayers before it even hits the floor. 1,281 - give or take - bills dropped already. An enormous amount of labor.

And the legislative session hasn't even begun yet.

And while they're wasting time and money on this nonsense, the real issues get pushed until May or June. And lo and behold, they then need to extend the session, thereby guaranteeing themselves additional per diem - over $700 per week! - which is untaxed. BTW. What other job do you get a bonus for dragging your feet and fooling around?

Ex-bartender:What other job do you get a bonus for dragging your feet and fooling around?
I will add for some the bonus is "their feeling" of power
and being able to legislate control.

He's a Democrat, and he knows what's best for you. Get used to it. And do something about it, like voting for whoever runs against him.

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