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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You read it here first

Here, that is. Then here, and here.

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Aren't you just a little tempted to slap that ol' sign on your masthead? Just for a chuckles?

I should be paid as an assignment editor.

There it goes again, Portland, the city that isn't a city but a privately run corporation, and hey, Charlie's the new CEO.

On the other hand, wouldn't the city benefit from "free" advertising of Portland, Oregon on company brochures, etc? Nothing like shutting down more business, and marketing of our city.
Those working on nickel and diming must be desperate to figure out ways to climb out of financial mess.
There are so many regulations, no one will be able to move in this city without asking.
I see no positive change.

Oh, just wait until someone gets the bright idea to bill for royalties on any movie or TV program shot in Portland. "You made a profit off using our city as a backdrop, so we deserve our cut."

I am not sure why the word "iconic" keeps getting trotted out when someone wants to make a buck. It makes a pretty sorry icon in the Holy Church of Hot Air.

Golly - the "City that Works" is now claiming to own the reflective photons that happen to hit your camera's ccd. This too will be challenged. And, as all other things involving City litigation, the City shall pay some crony law firm to handle the case and, once more, the City will lose. These are people incapable of getting a clue.

Is Portlandia old enough to be in the public domain? The Pioneer Courthouse? And all those bronze statues of beavers, elk and even the Benson Bubblers scattered about downtown. Public Domain used to mean something. Who ARE these people implanted in City Hall?

It will be interesting to see what happens when someone who is selling photos of the sign on Etsy (there's plenty of them, trust me, no need to check) refuses and asks the city why they're not going after the folks selling photos of the Hawthorne Bridge, or the Portland building, or old City Hall, etc. etc. etc. Why is this sign any different than any of the icons owned by the city?

Oh if I only had deep enough pockets to challenge this screwed up logic in court. Somebody needs to bitch-slap the city of Portland with an injunction! Jack, you're the legal mind in these parts. Weigh in!

“There it goes again, Portland, the city that isn't a city but a privately run corporation”

It seems then that due to the City Council resolution against the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, the City of Portland can not claim personhood and no longer claim that people –the citizens of Portland – are actually being represented by city government.

Shhh! You guys are giving away good ideas for a Portlandia skit for free.

Seriously though, how does a city think that they can charge for images of publicly owned objects, be they bridges, buildings, or signs, that are quite literally in the public domain for all to see. If they want to charge fees for pictures of it, they should keep a shroud over it until you deposit your money. Otherwise, getoutahere.

"The City That Works....You Over"

Nice masthead. Good for you.

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