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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yoo hoo! Uncle Mitch!

We know you're busy with requiring a prescription for a cigar, but when you get a spare moment, could you get us off this list?

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If this story is true (using Mother Jones as a source raises a red flag for me) than this is another example of the Rs being the party of stupid as Gov. Jendal says, in the media's current favorite sound bite. Not sure what the point of the law is, other than to discourage women to come forward with a charge of rape.

The story is true, but not accurate. This stems from the differing definitions of "rape."

The HuffPo and Mother Jones lump all sex offenses under the heading of "rape." This include consensual sex with minors.

Essentially Oregon is on the list of States that allow the rapist to sue for visitation and custody of children who were born as a result of rape because we allow the 25 yo father (rapist) to sue for visitation with the child that was the result of a consensual sexual relationship with his 17 yo girlfriend (rape victim)

Pretty horrendous, right Jack?

If that were the worst case, you'd have a point. But I doubt that it is. It's Mother Jones vs. you, John. I have a hard time taking sides on that one.

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