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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Window dressing pronounced satisfactory

At UC Nike, they interview minority candidates for jobs that aren't even open yet.

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The NFL has been getting a lot of criticism for not hiring enough minority coaches, and of course the NFL is trying to spin it. They're saying, "What are you talking about? We've got 2 brothers coaching in the Super Bowl." ---Jay Leno

That whole policy is an insult to all minorities.

It is just a policy to make white libtard politicians feel good about their progressive-ness. Which Greenlick obviously does.

I say let minority coaches compete in the open marketplace just like minority QBs and RBs do.

Amen, Harry.

I expect the coach searching process is ongoing just as player searching process is. You cannot wait until signing day to have a look around.

I dislike affirmative action, quotas, and political or racial correctness stances or tests. They simply have to undermine a selection. Do you want a whisper of a doubt in your head as to whether your doctor was admitted to school or hired in the practice in any part because of race or gender? This is not an academic question; it's a real one.

As far as coaches, let's not forget Ernie Kent. Kept past his prime because he was so well liked. I do not believe college athletic departments care anything about coaches other than whether they win. I'm sure Oregon and other schools would hire a black, purple or polka-dotted coach who was as big of a jackass (to everyone except his players) as Chip Kelly was, oops, "is," if he had Kelly's talent and record.

Sally-Hate to break it to you, but you're ALREADY being served by folks who were admitted to their professions "in part" because of race or gender. In this culture, they're called white males.

But feel good tokenism can go horribly wrong (or right-on brother). Watch the movie, Putney Swope by Robert Downey Sr.

Not hard for me to fathom why a candidate could be excluded because of race even in this day and age. But it defies economic logic in this circumstance; to ignore the best person, especially in an organization measured by wins and so dependent on the almighty dollar. If the argument is that racism is just too deeply embedded in the culture without a fail safe, then I would disagree. There are already laws in place to protect applicants. Sometimes taking things too far is simply taking things too far.

Really Ipagan? How much longer do you get to keep singing that tired tune?

Mitch Greenlick is out to save the world. Hugs all around.

PomMom--Until it's not true. And I do believe we are making progress towards that day. It's both a personal and a social challenge, as we are both individuals and members of a social species.

Correctness and legislation will undoubtedly resolve this issue.

The devils are in the details.

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