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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Portland sewer bills are out of control

The city spends all sorts of money on frivolity like this, and on a paid flack to blog and Tweet about it. We saw Mayor Char-Lie on the tube the other night, preaching about budget cuts. Here's a good place to start.

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Why, oh why, when I looked at the page and the attendent photo, I wanted to paraphrase one of the great philosophers and political theorists of the Twentieth Century? Namely, "Uhhh...yeah, it looks like a log, all right. Huh huh huh huh."

"Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor"?

"What is your reaction to the cost of 'public art' such as, 'log dog' at the PCC Stormwater Plaza?"

Sorry, the spending is a symptom, the problem is Randy called hey-boy Schaff on a regular basis and said we need to raise rates. Schaff followed orders.

Randy never had to justify anything.

If you don't think he's passed this tribal lore to buy genius Novick, don't fool yourself.

I wasn't talking to Novick. There's no sense in that -- he's a boy genius who already knows everything. Hales might listen, so long as it doesn't interfere with funneling money to Homer Williams and his ilk.

Since there are hardly any log booms any more "log dogs" are no longer used. I know where they are still available however, should anyone need to buy one or more!

There's a canine in my neighborhood who's always leaving dog logs in my yard.

What was once a basic tool in Oregon's main industry is made large and called art.

Since we predominately have "public art" that seems to be anything-you just need to call it
"art", why don't we install sidewalks with a tint of color and call it art? Or call the colored rings around filled potholes telling the pothole crews where to fill as "art". Or even better, change the color of the pothole rings every month and get real artsy.

At 2% of project cost dedicated to public art, we could kill two birds with one stone with this kind of thinking. Maybe we could get the arts community behind this. Come on Hales, let your common sense get to work.

At least your SAM-RAND twins are gone,FOREVER!

(how much are their pensions?)

I am outside Portland
181 is limit go to portland

The nerve they have! Spending all this money on ugly art when there are still at least 100 miles of bikes lanes to paint green and at least 1000 bike boxes to paint. ;)

Remember, BES was forced by the mayor to install bioswales as cover for his coveted bike lanes. And, is it true that underground sewer work has to generate the 2% for art? If so, seems pretty insane.

Much of the art belongs underground.

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