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Sunday, January 20, 2013

While Char-Lie was at the inauguration

When the bars close on Saturday night in Portland, sometimes young people die. If they aren't being shot by gang gunfire, they're being run over by drunks.

Instead of blocking off streets in Old Town Portland on weekend nights so that the obnoxious drunks can get more obnoxious and more drunk, maybe we ought to have a bunch of police down there on a mission to make some DUI arrests. And maybe the liquor licenses of some of the joints who serve people who are already bombed should get yanked. Is MADD still functioning in this town?

May the dead woman rest in peace. May this man, who allegedly killed her, be punished severely if found guilty. And may the adults who assumed the reins at City Hall take some steps to tone down, rather than ramp up, the Bacchanalia.

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Sheesh - this man was from Cornelius AND driving a pickup truck (probably a gas guzzler). Seems to me this is exactly the kind of rif-raf the car ban is meant to keep out of the downtown core.

Ironic that she was apparently arrested herself for DUI about a year ago. http://www.pdxmugshots.com/mug/rebecca-lynn-bray


The perp lost his 12 year old daughter to an ATV accident a few years ago, then sued his father, who owned the ATV and should have been supervising her.

This is really sad. Maybe the new Mayor will take ALL of those suggestions into consideration and do something about it.
Here in Reno we have two or three "pub crawls" every year - the most widely attended being the Santa Pub Crawl - where most dress up in Santa costumes. And the Reno Police have no problem bringing out the old paddy wagon and arresting anyone that gets out of line.

Is MADD still functioning in this town?

Nope, the micro-brew gang is king in this state.

Pretty soon, you'll have to have a minimum blood alcohol content to be in many parts - including much of downtown.

Just be glad the mayor isn't cutting his visit to DC short in order to come back to a parade of cameras and sultry accusations, like during the last inauguration.

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