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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Whatever happened to Char-Lie's tax problem?

When Portland's new mayor was running for the job, it was revealed that for a number of years he declared Washington State residency for income tax purposes but Oregon residency for voting purposes. The two positions were plainly inconsistent with each other.

He hasn't been prosecuted for voter registration fraud -- but has anyone heard if the state Department of Revenue has inquired into his taxes for those years? If he voted in Oregon, he should have paid taxes in Oregon on his investment income, shouldn't he?

Oh well -- at least he wasn't raping a teenager.

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How do you know that?

Good point.

Is it sad that "at least he wasn't raping a teenager" only gets me down to two mayors?

Speaking of "old problems", has anything ever happened to Mike Burton and his PSU expense account fraud?

It all boils down to

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"

Animal Farm

Does anyone hold any of these specimens accountable ?

Forward,nothing to see here

Seth Woolley like about last May filed complaints with the Oregon Department of Revenue re state income taxes and with Multnomah County re the iTax that was in effect back then. No responses.

I hate to add another law, but government should be able to be sued when proper claims are filed like Woolley's and there is no proper response. Sparse, selective enforcement is getting tiring.

Not only is it tiring, but damaging to the community and to the spirit of the people.
How can young people have any respect for what is going on when there is no positive stewardship and that apparently applies to the law?
Situational ethics it appears by the community of movers and shakers.
Need clarification, but as I recall the marketing group for Hales is the same as the one for our Secretary of State?
No surprise then about no response.
In time, the Complaint may quietly be taken off desk and filed away?

More to the point, The Sec. of State and the Att. Gen have filed against a woman in Clackamas who filled in some ballots illegally, siting that they have zero tolerance for voter fraud?

Who are they kidding! She can get major time possible for ballot tampering, Hales gets the mayor's job for ignoring the law?

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