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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Underdog champs name their charities

The top five finishers in our charity pro football underdog game have named their beneficiaries -- all charities recognized by the IRS under tax code section 501(c)(3) -- and they are as follows:

1. DB Cooper - Pregnancy Resource Centers of Greater Portland - $475
2. Will - Financial Beginnings - $355
3. George - Oregon Food Bank - $240
4. Grizfan - The Father's Heart Street Ministry - $165
5. PDXileinOmaha - Human Solutions - $105

Our sponsor and we will be getting the checks out shortly, and since the entry pool has been sitting around since about Labor Day, we'll throw in an extra 1% for the time value of money. Congratulations to the players and their charities, and thanks to everyone who played the game this year. It was a fun season, and now more good things will come of it.

Comments (8)

Thank you Jack, and thanks also to your sponsor. It was another fun season playing along. I must say that watching DB Cooper, fly higher and higher, was just plain amazing!

You'll get on an interesting mailing list sending that $475 to the Pregnancy Resource Center.

That's okay, Chuck, I'm send them a money order and using your name.

So-called "pregnancy resource centers" (aka "crisis pregnancy centers") are highly dubious at best. Funded entirely by the Christian right, they appear to exist mainly to mislead and browbeat poorly educated and otherwise distressed women into not considering abortion, even if it that would be the medically advisable route. They may have nonprofit status but so do Scientology and some white supremacist groups. If you're not familiar with CPCs you ought to do some research on them before sending a check. Here's a good place to start.


I've held in check my gloating long enough. Fell free to criticize who I may have chosen to direct the 1ST PLACE money to. Many probably may not agree with that choice, and I am fine with that. It's a free country. But I put up the entry fee and picked the correct teams enough times to be able to make the decision to direct the 1ST PLACE money to the PRC.

Yes, I must say that choosing this forum to bad-mouth someone's favorite nonprofit organization is in very poor taste. DB Cooper won our game, and he and his charity are to be congratulated. I admire people who stand up for what they believe in, even if it's unpopular. I'm not too fond of anonymous internet trolls.

For God's sake, man, CPC's are NOT a charity! The fact that an entity has politically powerful friends who cut them a 501(c)(3) designation does not a "charity" make. (See the dictionary.) Under your own rules, you don't have to send that check, Jack. You called it a "game for charity," not a "game for 501(c)(3)'s."

CPCs do real, demonstrable harm to real people. That is not "bad-mouthing," that's objective reality. Please at least read the report I linked to before sending one of them half a grand. I would urge everyone reading this who agrees with me to make at least a partially matching donation to Medical Students for Choice (www.ms4c.org). Planned Parenthood and NARAL do great work but this group is much smaller, has much less overhead and IMHO will put your money to more effective use.

We had rules. This charity meets our rules. Nothing could be more irrelevant than your complaint.

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